Left-handers International is an authority site on everything to do with left-handedness and left-handers. The Founder is Mr. James S. Borthwick and he is an International Businessman, Publisher and Left-handed Author and Authority, and is a highly experienced International Trade and Marketing expert. His controversial and widely read article, “Was Jesus Christ Left-handed?“, has been well received and is highly insightful. His observation is unique in the realm of the findings regarding The Shroud of Turin. His company the Empire Trade Corporation is a well-respected Internationally known enterprise.

His high disregard for a company that published the only left-hander magazine many years ago, and, how badly they affected left-handed authors as well as left-handers worldwide led him to use their very name and put it on the Internet. http://www.Left-handersInternational.com (Left-handers International) was re-born and will pursue the truth about left-handedness as well as entertain left-handers worldwide. With a database of famous left-handers that is 3 times the size of all other so-called lists combined we will provide you with news, images, and videos of your favourite left-hander no matter what field they are in.

His determination to correcting any misinformation regarding left-handers that flood the media by irresponsible journalists is second to none. He will be addressing these organizations individually and putting them on the spot regarding their ignorance. James S. Borthwick originated the term “Left-handed eBooks”, as he was the very first to create an eBook on the topic of left-handedness on the Internet.


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