Famous Left-handers (Aristics)

This should be an interesting journey filled with fascinating facts and insights into the world of left-handedness and getting up close and personal with what I like to call Famous Aristics. These are the exceptional left-handers throughout history and from around the world. We, at Left-handers International, have the Largest List in the World, and nobody even comes close or anywhere near as accurate by a long shot.


We have the only authoritative list of famous left-handers in the world. Not only that but this List is 3 times as big as EVERY other list in the world, … combined! The others don’t even bother to edit their names or confirm who is left-handed,  and therefore they are continually spreading misinformation. It’s embarrassing to see such ignorance. We are constantly researching to make any corrections needed. If you want the most accurate list of famous left-handers in the world then you have come to the best source.


Don’t bother with other left-handed organizations that claim to have a list of famous left-handers, we are the leading publisher of accurate and authenticated lists of these famous people. Nobody seems to research and authenticate real left-handers as opposed to just spreading misinformation ad nauseam. This is our distinction. You can rely on our lists. The largest list in the world.


If you want to know why we left-handers might think we’re special, it’s because many of the world’s most influential and successful people in their fields were/are Left-handed! So either Famous Left-handers or Famous Aristics these are exceptional people.

Famous Aristics

Famous Aristics List

Famous Aristics:

Aristic : n. ar’ əs’ tik [< Gr. < aristos best ] , [Gr. < aristera, left ] also referred to best, as in aristocratic.
Left hand opposed to right hand. Opposed to dexter. Left – handed.




It’s a more positive take on those left-handers who are ” of the best”. Here is a brief list …

Adee Phelan Adrian Adonis Al McKay Earth Wind and Fire Alan Grant Alecia Moore Pink Alex Anderson Asashoryu Akinori (1st Mongolian Sumo Champion) Arthur the Tick;s sidekick Arn Anderson Angela Anaconda ALF Alexander the Great Ashton Agar Babe Ruth baseball card Baby Sinclair Barack Obama Left Thumb Barack Obama Barry Horowitz Bart Gunn Bart Ben Franklin Ben Stiller on George Bill Alen Bill Anderson Bill Gates Bill the Left-handed Gourmet Boris Badenov Booth Gardner Bobby_Womack bob_geldof Bob Charles Bill_Gates Brad Davis Bruce Willis Bryan Clark Bubba Watson Bud Abbott Bundy Charlemagne Carl Yastrzemski baseball card Carl Hubbell baseball card Campbell Bros. UB40 Cara Quici Colin Mochrie Creación_of_Adám David David Rockefeller Da Vinci da vinci airport statue Crystal Gayle (2) Del Wilkes The Patriot Denholm Elliott Denis Savard Diane Keaton Dominick Dunne Dr. Zoidberg Elliot Easton Eddie Albert Frankie Albert Fran Drescher Fanny Rosenfeld Earl Anthony D-Von Dudley Faith Brown F.W. de Klerk Duncan Bannatyne Duckman Euell Gibbons Franz Kafka George Gobel Harley Race Harry Andrews Gerald Brisco Friedrich Nietzsche Gates Goldie Hawn Gayle Blakeney Gordon Ramsay Hayley Smith Helen Keller Gregg Allman Gentleman Jim Corbett Geoff Allott Hamburger Helper Hand Herbert Hoover James Brown Jennifer Hall Jerry Seinfeld James Garfield Hugo Chavez James M Barrie Jessica Lange Jodi Arias Jason Alexander Ian Paice Iggy Pop Jay Leno John Cena JB Left-handed Thumbs Up Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern John Dillinger Jon Stewart Kate Gosselin Larry the Cable Guy Katherine Helmond Judy Garland John McCain pointing Juninho Kenojuak Ashevak (Inuit Artist) Kevin Nash Justin Wilson Johnny Petraglia Jon Arbuckle Kara Tointon aka Dawn Swann Jon Jones Karl Green HH Krusty the Klown Kurt_Cobain Lefty Frizzell Lord Alan Sugar Lloque Yupanqui Marc Mero Marcia Clark Marcos Ambrose Lorne Cardinal Lewis Carroll Louise Arbour Marcus Buff Bagwell Mark Jindrak M. C. Escher self Lionel Messi Lisa Rinna M.C. Escher Marla Gibbs Matt Lauer Michael P.S. Hayes Nate Archibald Basketball Nikita Koloff Maurice Mad Dog Vachon Max Baer jr, (Jethro) Ole Anderson Oliver North Monica Seles McCartney Mulan Oprah Winfrey Otis Rush Mel Ott baseball card Ovide Mercredi EASYRIDER-SPTI-17.tif R.E. Olds Peter Fonda2 Ox Baker Paul Orndorff Paul Prudhomme Peter Graves Peter Nero Rita Simons Reza Pahlavi Rena Mero Lesner Pedro Morales Ren Hoek Rocko Sam Adams US statesman Russell Johnson Ruth Buzzi Sachin Tendulkar Shawn Michaels Shirley MacLaine Sachin Tendulkar Sid Caesar Slim Whitman Tara Spencer Nairn Ted Williams baseball card Stacy Valentine Stimpy Ted Williams The Russian Brute The Tick Terence and Philip Sunny Leone Tadamichi Ohta Terry Funk Teri Copley Thomas Kinkade The_Brain Tim Allen Wayne Cox Whoopi Goldberg Tiw tony_iommi William Lyon MacKenzie King William Regal Vasily Alexeev Wasim Akram


Waylon Mercy





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