This should be an interesting journey filled with fascinating facts and insights into the world of left-handedness as well as getting up close and personal with what I like to call Famous Aristics. These are the exceptional left-handers throughout history and from around the world. We have the Largest List in the World, and nobody even comes close or anywhere near as accurate by a long shot. Not only that but the List is 3 times as big as EVERY other list in the world, … combined!

This site isn’t, and won’t be, like any other. I have original and unique points of view based on over 30 years of experience with this topic. I’ll be showing you how much impact left-handers have, and will have on the world. If you want to know why we left-handers might think we’re special, it’s because many of the world’s most influential and successful people in their fields were/are Left-handed!

We’ll be scrutinizing certain media that consistently misinform the public with old, incorrect, misinformation about left-handedness. They must be accountable for their reporting. I’ll challenge their research ethics and showing left-handedness and left-handers in a more accurate way.