1,000,000,000 Left-handers ?

According to some unnamed experts’ estimates, there is expected to be well over 1 billion left-handed people living on Earth by the year 2020, James S. Borthwick of http://www.Left-handersInternational.com says. An expert on Population Growth and Statistics I spoke with was completely unaware of these findings. With a world population of 7 Billion and an estimated 10% being left-handed, then you will arrive at 700,000,000 potential left-handers in the years to come.

To arrive at 1 Billion left-handers the % would have to be higher than 10%. Since there are no known worldwide statistics regarding left-handedness it’s all guesswork. I challenge these numbers. In fact, world population growth strongly points to a population of a little over 7.716 Billion by 2020 and therefore at 10% we only arrive at 771 Million, not the exaggerated 1 Billion carelessly thrown around.

Not only that but don’t be mislead by the 10% equation either. There has never been a survey to clearly and precisely ascertain this %. When did you last fill out a form asking your handedness? Neurological tests ask you but literally nothing else does.

Apparently many scientists are saying, the world will be different against the background of such a phenomenal trend. In many countries around the world the latest research conducted showed that the IQ level of left-handed people is higher in comparison with that of right-handers. This is something all left-handers knew anyway, but when scientists confirm it, so much the better.

Borthwick, a prolific author and publisher of Left-handed ebooks/books, information and media pointed out that Professor Alexander Dubov has said. “Mankind is changing slowly. However, it is not about degradation of the human civilization at all. Quite the contrary, people become more perfect”, the Professor said.

Many modern scientists have already concluded that the left-handed human race will change the world and that humanity will become more intellectual and extra sensory. Although specialists still do not have an explicit explanation to the mystery of the left-handed phenomenon, they have discovered, however, that a fetus takes either a left or a right way of development in their mother’s womb. Scientists photographed growing fetuses with the help of a special ultrasonic camera. If an unborn baby were attempting to suckle their left hand in its mouth, it would be born as a left-handed infant. Specialists have concluded that something happens in a fetus’s brain during the 3rd or the 4th month of its development for this to occur. Borthwick added, It’s no wonder that left-handedness has always attracted negative responses from right-handers, it’s because left-handedness is a mystery, and a phenomenon. Anything different gets criticized.

Both left-handers and right-handers are virtually different types of people with their own special mindset and perception of the world and all the things in it. “They get along with each other perfectly, but there is a hidden evolutionary struggle taking place between them, which reminds me of the struggle between primeval humans, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal men. It seems to me that left-handers will eventually win the fight owing to their ”anomalous abilities”, Scientist of Anomalous Phenomena, Pyotr Chereda said. I’m not best pleased by the comparisons but it gets the point across Borthwick says.

There are hardly any right-handers among those who have the gift of remote viewing, telepathy, or x-ray viewing,” Doctor of Medical Sciences, Alexander Lee proclaimed. New research suggests left-handed people often perform better than right-handers do at fast or difficult tasks. These tasks involve lots of information or stimuli. For example, left-handers might be better at talking while driving in heavy traffic, or playing fast computer games and piloting a jet fighter, activities that need both hemispheres to process information. Research has shown that the left and right hemispheres communicate and work well together better in left-handers, as information transfers from one to the other slightly faster and likely more efficiently than in right-handers.

The right hemisphere of the brain takes advantage of the left hemisphere and takes responsibility for those parts of the brain, that will later be in charge of the speaking/writing abilities. The brain takes a significant change, when the left hand eventually plays the dominant role.

Left-handed people have remarkable abilities to perceive sounds and intonations absolutely clearly and distinguish extremely fine colour shades. They have picturesque memory, which preserves bright impressions for quite a long period of time. Is it any wonder that left-handers have the feeling that they are special, Borthwick concluded.