Was Jesus Christ Left-handed?

 *** Notice ***


Pay Attention to the Left hand on TOP!

All those experts that have studied the Shroud of Turin (the most studied artifact in history) have failed to mention time after time that the image on the Shroud has the left hand crossed over on top of the right hand!

If, as is suggested, that Jesus Christ is the image on the Shroud, then he was put to rest with his dominant hand on top, and in all likelihood was left-handed!

I wonder why the experts wouldn’t mention that Jesus Christ might be left-handed? Or at least mention that the Shroud has an image with a left hand in a dominant position.

If Jesus Christ were not left-handed, it is completely unlikely that his followers would have folded his hands opposite to the anti-left beliefs of the Middle East! This region is, and has always been, one of the most anti left-handed regions in history.

If his followers followed the wishes of a left-handed Messiah, then they would have folded it with the left hand on top as they did, … or did they go against his beliefs and desecrate his body by placing the left hand in a position of dominance?

The latter would have been a conspiracy of desecration. This is completely contrary to the beliefs of that part of the world and seems unlikely, yet possible.

Or, if the image on the Shroud, is as many believe, the posed image of the ultimate Renaissance man (and fellow left-hander), Leonardo Da Vinci, then it makes sense why he would pose with his dominant hand on top. Any true left-hander would place their own left hand on top if they were simulating death.

Although, another question regarding Da Vinci might be … Is this another clue in the Da Vinci Code not yet mentioned, and very likely overlooked?

So the choices are simple,

1) Jesus Christ is the image on the Shroud of Turin and is left-handed!

2) Jesus Christ is the image on the Shroud and was desecrated by his followers!

3) Left-hander Leonardo Da Vinci is the image on the Shroud and he posed naturally.

4) A left-handed unknown individual is the image on the Shroud.

5) The experts can’t tell which side is the up side of the Shroud.


Isn’t it interesting that a left-hander noticed it? When all the experts have looked at it, and run out of ideas, then it’s time for a left-hander to look at it. We see things that right-handers miss, says James S. Borthwick (Founder: Left-handersInternational.com).


*** Notice ***

Pay Attention to the Left hand on TOP! This 3D Model was reproduced from the image on the Shroud of Turin.

 Was Jesus Christ Left-handed?

This is from the final credits on History Channel’s “The Real Face of Jesus From the Shroud of Turin”

** The Shroud of Turin Image turned into a 3D Model tells us the Truth **

We hope that someone will address this oversight as well as the issue of the Left-handed image on The Shroud of Turin