LefTalk is where I will be confronting the media and individuals about distributing misinformation and hatred towards left-handers worldwide. This is also a place to share thoughts  that relate to ALL left-handers.


Oklahoma Teacher Allegedly Calls Student "Evil" For Being Left-handed

The student, Zayde Sands. Courtesy: KFOR

OKEMAH, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma mother is upset after an elementary school teacher forced her 4-year-old son to write with his right hand, even though he is left-handed. (click link above for story)

Considering the potential damage that can be caused by forcing a left-hander to write right-handed I wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit wasn’t brought about.

Forcing a left-handed child to become right-handed causes stuttering. This was widely believed to be true in the early 20th century but has been disproven in most studies since 1940. Although attempts to change handedness do not cause stuttering, the stress that resulted when a child was forced to switch hands may have exacerbated stuttering for some individuals. Find a left-handed lawyer a.s.a.p. and look into this.


  • Here is a list of Countries that Drive on the Left side of the road. You won’t find this list anywhere else.

Drive on the Left


  • For all of the real left-handers out there this is how you spell our special word … It’s Left-handers (left-handers) NOT Left-Handers NOT Left Handers NOT Left handers. It’s hyphenated. No two ways about it. We claim to be smarter and more clever than right-handers, yet many cannot even spell our special word correctly. Prove you’re a real left-hander and spell it with a hyphen and no capital “H”. P.S. It’s NOT International or even National, it’s Day. Come on people stop making us look stupid. #LefTalk #LefthandersIntl


  • This article really shows you some pure hatred some people have towards anyone and I mean ANYONE who is left-handed. I call it Complete Outrage as that is what I felt when I first saw what this person had written about us. It’s nothing short of ignorance personified. Save yourself the bother of reading what the writer of this nonsense wrote, but make sure you observe the length’s someone will go to  when trying to make a point, no matter how stupid it is. This is an example of hate, not dislike, not displeasure, but hate. If there is a group it’s a hate group. Keep an eye on anybody or group that might take the next step, and that is hate crime. It’s hard to wrap your mind around anyone who thinks like that, for crying out loud it’s only about everyone’s own left hand and they’re upset because we can actually use it as well or better than they can use their right hand. Unbelievable! And although you have the ability to use both hands the heart of the issue is in the wiring in our own brains, and you can’t change that.


  • As you know I had previously contacted two very well-known left-handed athletes on Twitter concerning an issue that concerns both Christians and Left-handers. These men are Ted DBiase and Deion Sanders. As men of God these men ignored my request for a comment most likely due to the fact that they could not, as it directly relates to them. They are irresponsible in ignoring this issue. As most people who constantly share their thoughts on the Bible they are often faced with issues that compromise who they really are. All I wanted was a comment on a Christian website that attacks Left-handers. The Bible says some really nasty things about left-handers, so asking Left-handed Christians what they think shouldn’t be too much to ask. But apparently it is. Never mind all of the good things the Bible says, how about addressing the bad things for a change. It doesn’t go away because these men are too afraid of the truth to confront it. I’m deeply disappointed and have no faith or trust in these men due to their ignorance of this issue. Don’t put too much trust (if any) in anyone who is afraid of ‪#‎TheLefthandedTruth‬. You can’t deny you are left-handed just like you can’t deny you are a Christian. This is the hateful website in question. http://goo.gl/SQn5JC ‪#‎LefthandersIntl‬  #LefTalk